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A bunch of useful links are at the end of this page. Make sure to check out the DNP site for outdoor / van setup of optical screens.

You could view the use of below mentioned equipment at some recent demonstrations / educational events. (MPG format 5.2MB)

The following is projection equipment that I have used.

This is a hurried list from a long time ago (2000?). The main price difference should be on the projector. As of 2009 they are down to about $600 for a decent projector. I hope to update this site soon.
The prices are as per my recollection (and before taxes and S&H).

  • Projector MITSUBISHI S50 $2900/-; 1000+ lumens; 800x600 resolution.(Other models may be considered).
  • Projector Screen. VUTEC 1250P Ultra High Gain Portable Screen. $345/-.
  • Maintenance free, sealed (non-spillable) deep cycle battery from Chairman. approx $150 to $200. (2 years ago).
  • Any Video player. (Also most PC computer / laptop can be used).
  • Battery charger $45/-. (2 years ago).
  • Inverter (DC to AC) about $100/-. 500W continuous.
  • Any computer speakers. approx $30.
  • I also recommend the Fender Passport 250 public address system. About $625/- (2 years ago). It is excellent for use on campuses. Amplifies both music and sound very well. Comes with two mics. Has 2 line ins and 4 mic inputs. I use it at the promenade too. But over there (much like in public) we greatly under utilize the PA system.

Any high lumen projector will do. It is probably better to go with lamp choices that do not deteriorate significantly till near the end of its life (UHP lamps as used in the Mitsubishi S50). Keystone correction is not on my model, but may be worth the extra amount if you seek a square projection on a vertical wall that is offset from the projector along the vertical direction significantly (I personally do not mind the trapezoidal effect too much). The projectors are most effective at night (in terms of bigger the video screen the better). In the day I am limited to the 50" VUTEC 1250Pscreen. At night one could project it on any whitish (cream / white / yellow / etc) wall that is not brightly lit (if brightly lit then we can still go for sizes as big as 8ft by 6ft). Recently, I projected video on a wall as though there was a 250" screen over there, and it was clearly visible. The wall was not in bright street lights or anything like that (just ambient city lights).

For daytime use the VUTEC 1250P is a must have (unless portability is not an issue (like in a van installaion)). Most people (many of whom sell projectors) told me that projectors are not for use in the outdoors during the day. I was just too keen and did a lot of research before I went for the setup. I was very happy to see it actually work in the day time as campus outreach with video is more effective in the day (when the students are around). This screen makes most of the difference. I knew that people used these screens in brightly lit expos. To be able to see in the daytime one can carefully position the VUTEC screen to reject a lot of the ambient light towards the intended target. The 50" ulta high gain Vutec 1250P is the only portable projector screen that can help show videos in the daytime with a little careful placement. It works great in a booth (a little shade under a tree will also do). Do not expect the picture to be nearly as good as at night. Dark videos will be a more difficuilt to see. Bright videos are usually quite clear for about 60 degrees (depends on careful placement) and can be seen from great distances unlike most television sets int the day where you can't make out the picture past a certain distance. If portability is not an issue then the price is much cheaper. Da-lite also makes a similar non-portable ultra high gain screen. I haven't tested rear projection screens and hence can't comment on their day time potential. The only portable rear projection screen that I know of was discontinued. It was a Da-lite insta theater rear projection screen.

For portable public amplification on campuses and similar areas the Fender Passport 250 is a must have. Much like the VUTEC 1250P this is one of a kind. I have used it on campus several times. It comes with two mics and you can hook up a CD player and have some background music while you talk. I often play some trance style dance music before and after the outreach activities. During the talk / discussions I often leave some soft ambient music on (that helps set the mood for a thoughtful discussion / speech). Fender make a passport 150 which is lighter and cheaper and not as loud. I recommend the 250Watt version as there will be several events and campuses where you can make use of the extra power.

The heavy deep cycle battery lasts somewhere between 90min and 3 hours (I haven't tested it exactly as yet). On most campuses / expos / festivals there should be electrical power available for use.

I would like most free thought, vegetarian, non-human animal freedom as well as human freedom organizations to make use of projectors as soon as they can. If and when every other corner has a big screen video ad in public then it will be significantly harder to get people's attention with big screen videos (e.g. Las Vegas has so many big budget big screens that ....). So dear readers, try to get free thought, vegetarian, non-human animal freedom as well as human freedom organizations to start using these relatively low cost video outreach solutions and try to keep this information from getting into the hands of people that will misuse it greatly (e.g. If and when there is a big screen video proclaiming that we are all sinners or that good people will suffer in a hell, then big screen videos will be avoided almost as easily as signs and demonstators). Also, those who do use these video outreaches should keep from misusing it in ways that may result in laws restricting this form of free communication. (e.g. If you show meat production videos on a fast food restaurant's (like McDonalds') wall then the organization is bound to push for laws against it. But if you were to show it on a wall (say the side of some building) (or on a portable screen) across from the McDonalds then it is unlikely that laws will come into effect to significantly restrict this form of communication.)

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